Fun things you can make with Play-Doh

Fun things you can make with Play-Doh

Friday, February 19, 2010

God will lead you to good soil

Hey this is Jenna,

As you can see over on the right this is a picture of my wonderful family. At missionettes this wendesday I was working on my family unit. I learned that every one in the family has a certain role to play. Now you may be saying ''sure'' but its true. Our memory verse came from Joshua 24:15 that says "As for me and my household we will serve the lord." Everyone has their own place in the family, God has specifically called you to do something great in your life and it all starts in the family. And yes I am just a kid but comming into a blended family I always thought that all I needed was my momma but I was wrong. God put my dad right in the middle of my life for a reason, I needed a father figure and God answered my prayer even before I knew what I was asking for. And it all started when a so to speak hurricane hit my roots and exposed them allowing them to grow in better soil. Now,you may be thinking how does this relate to a family, well, It doesn't matter what you have been through. God wants you to take your role in the family and let him lead you to good soil.

Steps to making a Family Tree:

1.Using Green Play-doh create leaves by making a tear drop shape

2. Make a Brown tree trunk out of Brown Playdoh

3. Put both together and enjoy your Family Tree